What Does Success Look Like?

You cannot achieve success if you do not know what it looks like.

Paint a picture of how things will be when the project is delivered.
Define specifically what you expect the project to deliver.

What are the goals the project is aiming to achieve? What are the benefits if these goals are achieved?

What will change as a result of the project? Look at the difference between what will be and what is; between the ideal and the actual situation.

What processes will change? Are there new processes?

What are the effects and impacts of the project’s results?

Are you succeeding?
Too often project managers define success as on time, on budget, and meeting the requirements. It is just as important to understand the expected value of the project. Measure progress in terms of the success picture.

Include metrics and measure the value the project is delivering.

Compare what you are delivering with the “will be” that you defined?

Look for the changes to the processes.

Check if the deliverables are affecting and impacting business in the expected manner.

Blindly delivering the project on time, on budget, and meeting all the requirements does not make the project a success. Your customer will consider it a failure if it doesn’t deliver the expected business value.

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