Time For A Change

Projects bring change. Recognize that the result of the project is change and include change management in your project plan.

Find out who is affected by the project’s results and what is changing for them. People will see losses in the change. Acknowledge the losses openly.

Don’t be surprised at overreactions. Accept the importance to the person of subjective losses.

You need to explain why things are changing, what the change will bring for the people and for the organization. Training is a part of a change management. It is not something you do to train people on a new tool. Think beyond the training plan. Communicate through presentations, workshops, newsletters, etc…

Create a sense of urgency. People have to see and feel the need for a change.

Remember that transition takes time.

A project needs buy-in from all the stakeholders to succeed. Managing the change and the perceived losses is a key step in the success of your project.

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