Six Practices For Project Success outlines six practices from Project Assurance.

  1. Context analysisIdentify the real issues — Understand the context and analyze the issues objectively.
  2. Set realistic time frames — Monitor dates in the schedule, adjust dates when the schedule changes and remember to check for effects on the dates of related deliverables.
  3. Align the work streams — Watch the dependencies between deliverables. A smooth running project has the nail ready when it’s time to shoe the horse.
  4. Look beyond the indicators — Project health indicators are often trailing indicators telling you how well the project has performed until now. Look for leading indicators that will tell you how the project will perform from now.
  5. Manage the expectations — Set realistic expectations from the start of the project and continue managing them by communicating project changes;
  6. Seek objectivity — Find experts from outside the project and review the project with them.

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