Sell The Methodology When Selling Your Internal Project

When the consultants come in to do a project, they always present their methodology, roles, communication methods, change management, the deliverables, and the criteria for sign-off. They include this in their contracts and it guarantees they get paid.

When the internal project management team present a project, many of them treat it as an another executive presentation. They show the problem, the objectives, the costs, the savings and/or sales gains and a delivery date. These are all important and not to be forgotten; however, assuming that all the attendees know the internal project management methodology and processes is a recipe for communication breakdowns.

There will always be someone new to the company or someone who has never dealt with an internal project.

There will be additional meetings during the life of the project.

There will be additional authorizations requested.

There will be presentations showing your progress.

And when you are ready to close the project there will be a request for sign-off.

All this will go more smoothly if everyone understands the steps you will follow to execute your project, their role in the project, how they will be updated on progress, how change will be managed, what deliverables they will get and what the project’s end looks like.

Take a page from the consultant’s book and remember to present how the project will be managed. If everyone has already heard the presentation many times, speed up the presentation but do not leave it out. It’s part of your contract with the organization.

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