Eleven Behaviors of a Good Project Manager

Good MannersBrad Egeland gave his advice on how to react to feedback in two posts on the Project Management Tips site. A good project manager applies the suggestions in all situations.

From Reacting to Negative Feedback on Our Projects:

  1. Be truthful — A good reputation is essential for a project manager. Getting caught in a lie will give you a reputation for dishonesty along with a questioning of the integrity of your work.
  2. Deliver on your promises — Set expectations that you can deliver on. Creating unrealistic expectation means having to discuss unmet expectations later.
  3. Ask for clarification and confirm your understanding — Make sure you understand the other’s objectives. Efficiently achieving the objectives requires clarifying the objectives.
  4. Admit it — Admit mistakes.  Admit shortcomings.  Admit ignorance. Apologize and learn from the experience.
  5. Remain calm — Control your emotions and act rationally. Be a professional.
  6. Always accept the blame — As the project manager you are at least partly responsible for everything on the project. Accept the blame and work on resolving the problem.
  7. Correct misperceptions with tact — Telling someone they’re wrong will embarrass, and/or anger, and/or strengthen their resolve, and/or…
  8. Follow-up quickly — Identify the next actions, set due dates, monitor and regularly report on progress.

From Reacting to Positive Feedback on Our Projects:

  1. Listen carefully — Listen what they are saying and pick-up on what they are leaving unsaid.
  2. Share the praise — Team members will give unequal efforts. It’s still the whole team that delivered the project.
  3. Acknowledge accomplishments — To share the praise for a job done well, you have to recognize the achievement.

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