Classy Project Management

Classy Chassy5 Ways Project Managers Can Display Project Management Class from the blog gives project managers tools to lead successfully.

  1. Project Managers that Say “Thank You” — Appreciate the things others do for the project. Their work is helping you deliver the project. Thank them.
  2. Project Managers that Brag About Their People — Bragging about your team member’s contributions makes them want to keep their reputation for good work, and, seeing that contributions are recognized, makes others voluntarily more cooperative.
  3. Project Managers that Keep Their Cool — Stay calm when the going gets rough and objectively analyze the situation. Deliver a measured response.
  4. Project Managers that Take the Blame — It’s your project and you are its manager.
  5. Project Managers that Share The Credit — Team work, team credit.

A class act acts classy!

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