Are You In Demand?

VictoryUse how often customers ask for you to manage their projects to measure your success.

The Community Post “How do You Measure Your Success as a Project Manager?” on the PMI’s site looks at the definitions of successful project management. It is a digest of a conversation in the PMI Career Central group on LinkedIn and it looks beyond the classic triple constraint (Iron Triangle) of in scope, on time, and on budget.

Measuring success only by scope, time, and budget is ignoring a key measurement of true success — customer satisfaction. If your definition of success stops at the triple constraint, you risk upsetting the people who help you get more projects to succeed with. Riding roughshod over people to meet all the three constraints is a hollow victory. Match the importance you attach to the triple constraint to the customer’s attachment to scope, time, and budget.

Your definition of success is the goal you work towards and a happy customer who wants you back is great goal to have.

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