Anatomy of Trusted Project Manager

Question markDr. Ellen Weber‘s lessons from a positive experience with a contractor also applies to project managers. The post outlines five game-changers:

  1. Offer Reasonable Rates — Reasonable implies profitable for the vendor and affordable for the customer. The contractor in the story gathered the requirements, scoped the work, and talked about pricing. The contractor then went away to analyze the job before quoting the effort. This led to an on-budget delivery.
  2. Optimize Resources — Can you use customer documents to build your requirements document? Can you re-purpose an existing training program? Have you looked at what is already available?
  3. Inspire Collaboration — A project is a partnership with the sponsor. Discuss the work, give expert advice and listen. The sponsor is a member of the project team and your job is to deliver the solution to their problem.
  4. Project Vision — Future phases that complete a solution mean the first phase was incomplete. Future phases that take the solution to the next level are visionary.
  5. Build Trust — Earn trust by delivering on many factors: fairness, expertise, honesty … . Fail to deliver on anyone of the factors and trust is lost.

The story dissects and shows the benefits of delivering great service. Who needs advertising when the quality of your work earns you a case study on a widely read blog.

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